Keep Lapland Tidy

Keep Lapland Tidy's activities aim to preserve Lapland's clean and enjoyable nature. We pursue this goal through environmental education, training, waste management development, various environmental projects and volunteer work.


The purpose of our activities is to create such conditions for hikers and visitors to Lapland, as well as for residents, that the burden on Lapland's unique environment would be kept to a minimum.


The association works concretely for the benefit of the environment

  • rehabilitating and building service equipment in nature and recreation areas,

  • organizing events aimed at cleaning the environment, such as garbage cleaning workshops and counselling,

  • promoting environmental awareness through school visits and communication, and

  • by participating in various projects and teams that develop the state of nature in Lapland.




Keep Lapland Tidy

  • implements the principles of sustainable development in its activities,

  • is a non-profit environmental organization and

  • takes into account the views and values of its members, stakeholders and partners in achieving their objectives.




Keep Lapland Tidy is a competent, well-known and desired partner and a strong player in environmental issues both locally and nationally. The association and its members and partners work together in a concrete, planned and innovative way for the benefit of the environment of Lapland, Finland and Northern Fennoscandia, also striving to promote national and international co-operation.

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